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Nails isn't just paint, it's a work of art showing each person's individuality and creativity


Nails isn't just paint, it's a work of art showing each person's individuality and creativity

Style Your Nails with Care
Nail care company Bio Sculpture, that originated in South Africa, has come to India and offers nail treatment through its first standalone Salon at Gurgaon.
Bio sculpture treatment offers a range of products and services, a statement said.
So, what’s on offer?

Executive Base:
It helps to strengthen soft nails. The multi-functional conditioning base coat compresses nail keratin.

Lavender Base:
It is enriched with lavender essential oil. It moisturises dry and flaky nails. The base is ideal for sore nails and also those, which are infected with fungus.
Nail and Cuticle Conditioner:
It has blue jojoba beads and conditions nails and cuticles. Pressure massage with it will cause the beads to burst. This will release their moisture into the nail plate.

Vitamin Dose:
It is a form of vitamin that is delivered to nail-bed cells. It rejuvenates, moisturises, strengthens and nourishes nails. It contains vitamin B1, B2, B12, C and P.

Cuticle Remover:

It softens and lifts the skin on the nail and around the cuticle area.

Cuticle Oil:

The cuticle treatment, formulated with almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and vitamin E, rehydrates the cuticle and nail plate.
Bio Sculpture also provides soft, medium and hard gels for nails. The gels have beauty as well as health benefits. They don’t damage natural nails. In fact, they strengthen and protect them.

Dehydrating primers are not required and are absolutely safe to use. The gels are available in 170 colours, you can try numerous nail art designs, they don’t chip or smudge and are fade-resistant, they extend nails naturally.
Their spa range includes Spa Soak, Spa Salt Scrub, Aprikot Kernal Scrub, Min Moisture Mask, Spa Butter, Heel Balm, Anti Fungal Treatment and much more.

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